ACTIVE DRIVE static stander


Standing up can be easy and comfortable and available for almost everyone. An advanced dynamic stander designed for people with deep disability (paraplegics, quadriplegics). Equipped with unique standing up system and RehaGym system. Providing full range of rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system.


Static Plus with RehaGym in standing up and sitting position.
Static Plus with RehaGym for people with deep disability in standing up and sitting position.
Static Plus with RehaGym for children with deep disability in standing up and sitting position.



Possibility of easy, comfortable and safe standing up patients with deep disability gives their care givers tremendous benefits. The ability to stand up easily and safely people with deep disabilities and severe deformities of the body, significantly expands the possibilities of rehabilitation. People with four limb palsy and severe deformities of the body, always need assistance of healthy person. For those with a lack of hand grip, we designed a special glove. See the instructions:


For people with deep disability and body deformities we designed special equipment:

1. ALREH cushion.
2. RehaGym system.
3. ALREH gloves.
4. Deep rear pelvis shield.
5. System of compensation of different leg lengths.
6. Ankle orthotic system.
7. Knee orthotic system.
8. Support of the upper rear part of the trunk.
9. Individual front support of each shoulder joint.
10. Head supporting system.


The basic exercises that you can perform

  • Independent, safe and comfortable standing in an upright position
  • Improvement of mobility of ankle, knee and hip joints.

While performing sit-ups and half sit-ups (by means of RehaGym system), ancles, knees and hips joints work as hard as in healthy people.

Training of hands and all groups of torso muscles.


Main applications

  • Improvement of physical fitness and muscle strength.
  • Improvement of cardiovascular function.
  • Reducing of spasticity.
  • Improvement of ankle joint, knee and hip mobility.
  • Reducing contractures in knee joints and hip joints.
  • Improvement of intestinal motility and stool excretion.
  • Improvement of bone calcification.
  • Improvement of mental state, social development and integration.


Technical data

Within each size the stander is produced as custom made, based on the parameters of the body, the depth and type of dysfunction.

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