ACTIVE PLUS dynamic stander


Advanced dynamic stander designed for active rehabilitation of paraplegics, equipped with a unique lifting system, excellent kinematics for stepping and system RehaGym,  Intended primarily for active people with spinal cord injury on the level no higher than Th5. Not paralyzed hands and the lack of deformation of the feet and knees are necessary! Lack of an equivalent on the market!



Active Plus with RehaGym in standing up and sitting position.



Possibility of walking in an upright position gives the user the extraordinary possibilities.

Now a disabled people with paralysis or paresis of lower limbs ( paraplegics) , which wants to be active and have not paralyzed hands, may independently or with a little help from a caregiver to get up from the wheelchair to an upright position, move forward, backwards, rotate around its own axis, do squats, half squats, train all muscle groups.



Standing up from a wheelchair

Instructional movie how to pick up a patient from a wheelchair to a standing position – watch video.


The basic exercises that you can perform

Independent, safe and comfortable standing in an upright position.

Movement in any direction Movement takes the form of stepping without bending the legs at the knee, small alternating movements of ankle and hip joins. During active stepping the patient´s musculoskeletal system is naturaly loaded, legs, back, arms and chest muscles are working very intensively – watch video.

Mobility improvement of ankle, knee and hip joints. While performing sit-ups and half sit-ups (by means of RehaGym system), ancles, knees and hips joints work as hard as in healthy people.

Training of hands and all groups of torso muscles – watch video.


Main applications

  • Improvement of physical fitness and muscle strength.
  • Improvement of cardiovascular function.
  • Reducing of spasticity.
  • Improvement of ankle joint, knee and hip mobility.
  • Reducing contractures in knee joints and hip joints.
  • Improvement of intestinal motility and stool excretion.
  • Improvement of bone calcification.
  • Improvement of mental state, social development and integration.


Technical data

Within each size the stander is produced as custom made, based on the parameters of the body, the depth and type of dysfunction.

Technical data

Measurement card

Measurement instruction