How to order


1. A necessary condition for placing an order of the stander is to perform measurements of the user’s body. Please fill in the Measurement Card.
Information clause
2. The measurement shall be made in accordance with the Measurement Instruction.
3. All standers ordered by customers are set up as custom made according to the user’s body, shown in the Measurement Card.  

4. Each stander set up as custom made has a fairly large range of adjustment of the following components:

  • Stepping/Walking kinematics,
  • Position of the platform for the feet,
  • Position of the knees brackets,
  • The width of the corset,
  • The depth of the corset,
  • The height of the side supports of the trunk,
  • The position of support of the chest,
  • Seat height,
  • The stander height (only in STATIC PLUS and STATIC PLUS/WALKER PLUS intended for rehabilitation branches in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc. )

Full adjustement of the stander to the parameters of the user´s body is usually done after standing up the patient for the first time.


5. Parameters which after shipping the stander to the client can not be readjusted easily:

  • the height of the stander – the distance from the surface of the platform to the hip joint axis (refers to the standers Active Drive and Active Plus – all models, regardless of destiny, and Static Plus and Walker Plus made for an individual user)
  • the gas springs force (replacement of the gas springs for stronger or weaker is very simple, but requires the purchase of a new set of springs;
  • replacement of standard springs into rigid locking springs requires the purchase of a set of springs with the release system - new springs, release heads, bowden cables, steel cables and levers).
6. A suitable model of the stander is chosen according to the depth of the patient’s disfunction and, above all, to the type of rehabilitation to be carried out using this device. Guidance on the selection can be found in the tab HOW TO CHOOSE.  
7. If you have problems with the selection of an appropriate model of the stander, it is recommended that you asked for the advice the producer – ALREH Medical.  
8. Acceptance of an order takes place after all the data necessary to set up the stander will be agreed with the client.  
9. Alreh Medical reserves the right to request to repeat measurement of the user´s body parameters, execution and sending photographs of this items and this parts of the user’s body, which may affect the proper making of the stander
and its proper use.
10. Following the adoption of an order, the customer receives an Order Confirmation in writing, sent electronically, in which there is specified object of the contract, the terms of payment and the date of execution.  
11. For all customers outside Poland, stander is delivered disassembled into parts, packed in a cardboard box – see PDF file TECHNICAL DATA.
12. The client set up the stander at home on the basis of the Assembly Installation supplied in electronic format (DVD), using the tools provided with the device – installation is easy. Example of an Assembly Instruction.