EU projects

The company is implementing the project “Extending the company's development activities through foreign expansion”  POIR.03.03.03-14-0098/19-00; date of signing the contract 16.12.2019 r.

The aim of the project is to expand the export activity and further promote Alreh Medical's products on foreign markets through participation in trade fairs and economic missions

Project value: 488 100,00 zł

Contribution of European Funds: 390 480,00 zł


The EU's REACH 2020 project aims to develop a system of services and solutions that will bring changes in the clinical environment. Patient care will be equipped with personalized modular detection, prevention and intervention systems that encourage the elderly to live a healthy life through physical activity, cognitive activity, mobility, personalized diet, etc. The development of the REACH 2020 project shortcut is Responsive Engagement of the Elderly Promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare. The proposal for this project was developed in 2015 and submitted under the third pillar of HORIZON 2020 as part of the Personalized Healthcare social challenge - personalized healthcare. Forming the core of the REACH 2020 project, a European consortium of 17 partners representing higher education and industry institutions, four European technical universities as well as leading European partners in the healthcare technology and rehabilitation industry has been formed. The total amount of the grant is approximately EUR 6 million.





The company implements the project "GoGlobal Canada".

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 The company implements the project "Company development through foreign expansion"

 POIR.03.03.03.-14-0122/18-00; date of signing the contract 26.10.2018 r.




POIR.01.01.01.-00-0424/17-00; date of signing the contract 15.12.2017

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